Everyone has had the experience of walking into someone else’s home when you are immediately overwhelmed with the smell of their pet or pets.  We realize this problem is somewhat unavoidable but then again, it’s not exactly the most inviting environment to say the least. If you happen to be someone who has noticed this problem in your own home however, this can cause more problems than you would think. For instance, what happens when you finally get a date with that special someone you have been eyeing at work, and when he/she walks you to your door at the end of the night, you have to crack the door barely and squeeze through the crack to avoid the smell escaping your home and preventing you from getting a second date? Not exactly ideal, or romantic.

FreshStart Cleaning Company can assist you in ridding your home of the unwanted scents that your pets cause and we can do it for an affordable price! By thoroughly cleaning both your carpet and you upholstery with sub-surface extraction and specialized neutralizers, we can remove the intolerable pet odors you can no longer deal with. No longer fear having guests over for dinner parties and be confident in knowing that your home smells great.

Call FreshStart Cleaning Service today and schedule an appointment. We offer the best cleaning services in all of Daphne. Hire our professional and courteous staff and give yourself the chance to worry about more important things than your home smelling like a vet’s office.