With kids and pets comes the occasional spill and stain on your once spotless sofa. Even if these aren’t things you have to worry about, let’s face it, your furniture does not look as great as it did when you first bought it. That’s because over time dirt and dust accumulates on your upholstery causing it to look dingy and old.

Thankfully there is a remedy for furniture that has seen its fair share of dirt. FreshStart Cleaning Service can clean your upholstery and make it look like new in no time. When we come to your home will arrive on time, listen to your concerns and inspect the furniture that needs help thoroughly. We will then pre-treat your upholstery, steam slen it and then apply specially made stain protectors and odor removal products to ensure your furniture remains clean after we leave. You will no longer have to be embarrassed of that huge red juice stain on your couch or the built up dirt that is way more visible than you would like it to be. We will take the best care of your upholstery and that’s a guarantee!

FreshStart Cleaning Service doesn’t just clean upholstery in homes either. We do so much more! We will make the seats of your car spotless or clean mattresses that are reaching their last legs. Regardless of what you need cleaned, FreshStart can help you make your belonging look as though you just brought them home from the store today! Contact us and find out more about our services!