If you have carpet in your home you know the frustration of keeping it clean. There are simply too many things working against your carpet. If you have children there is a good chance they have spilled and stained your carpet at some point. If you have pets, we know your carpet has taken a beating considering the frequency of dirty paws and occasional accidents. Even something as simple as not removing shoes before walking on carpet can cause a reasonable amount of wear and tear to your floors. It would be ideal if simply vacuuming could solve these problems but unfortunately, sometimes you need a professional to take care of the problems you cannot solve alone.

The friendly and professional staff at FreshStart Cleaning Service can help to do the work that your vacuum can’t. Whether there is one large stain that is causing you to hate the way your carpet looks or if you just need a general overhaul of your floors, we can help! We have all the equipment needed to get you the cleanest carpets you have ever had in your home. We use the best RotoVac steam cleaning system that will infiltrate every inch of your carpet(including places your vacuum could never reach).

If you are sick of the way your carpet looks and you think it is time to give them a makeover it may be time to call FreshStart Cleaning Service. Call us today and get a fast and easy quote. FreshStart keeps your schedule and your budget in mind every step of the way. You won’t be able to find any trace of the mess your kids or pets have created in the past. We guarantee it!