Pets will be pets. They will pee where they want to and they will wreak havoc on all of your favorite surfaces, that’s just the way it works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how well trained or obedient your pet may be, accidents happen, and there is not one pet owner out there who would tell you otherwise. Now, the problem here lies in the places your pet’s accidents happen. Wood floors are great, they just take a quick wipe down, but furniture and carpet become much more complicated. Removing pet urine and the resulting smell can be challenging and frustrating with makes hiring a professional to do it, is the easiest and more effective option. At FreshStart Cleaning Service we use top of the line and proven cleaning supplies to remove your pet stains and odors with the best results possible.

Pet Stain Removal

Pet stains are stubborn, they are full of special dyes that are put into your pet via their diets, and can require special cleaning solutions with high pH levels to even begin to release the dye from your carpet or furniture. At FreshStart Cleaning Service, we used our own specialize cleaning solution to release the dye in the stain, and then rinse the spot thoroughly with our patented technology. This allows us to remove the stain quickly and effectively.

Pet stain removal is included in the pet odor removal process, or may be a standalone service.

Pet Odor Removal Process

When pet urine soaks into your carpet or furniture onto the underlying padding, the pet odor can be considered multi-layers. This, in severe cases, can cause the pet urine smell to affect the entire home. When we see this, we use a sub-surface extraction processes and specialized neutralizers to combat the pet urine smell and effectively eliminate in from your carpet or furniture all together.